Attracting the right coaching clients is all about authenticity and transparency but there are lengths I won’t go to. Let me be clear from the start it is not my story that matters it is my client’s story that is important.

Marketing in 2022 takes me to places I am not prepared to go. My Career as a broker taught me who my clients were, how to assess their needs and how to effectively market their business. Marketing for me is understanding what keeps my client up at night. But modern marketing requires a very different personal sacrifice which I am not prepared to make.

Apparently, it is important to bare all of your inner most thoughts and expose your vulnerability to succeed in your marketing, let everyone know how devastated you are after the earthquake that was divorce. How hard you find living alone, how hard it is to define yourself whilst struggling with empty nest syndrome, not to mention hybrid working, and the challenges of returning to the office, did anyone mention hormones? Amongst these personal challenges throw in a pandemic, a mad man in The Kremlin and an impending World War 3. Our lives have changed beyond recognition and navigating this alone is harder than ever.

Exposing your story for marketing purposes, slashing open a limb and bleeding all over social media is, it seems a requirement for modern marketing. Really? Surely there has to be another way?

The experts say this is marketing 101 in 2022, they know this is how to attract clients who can begin to relate to your plight. Oh, and make sure you set up an online course to spread the word, maybe develop and sell an App, “kerching” I can hear the sound of money rolling in. It must be working…The wind is still raging outside after three unusual storms in one week and there are trees of mine strewn across the road, can I add all this into the pot of tragedy?

No! There is a different way, and it is not the hard sell, it is confidence and understanding who you are and what you stand for. How exceptional you are at your job and how your clients remain with you, beside them, challenging them and keeping them accountable whenever they need it. Your clients know what you stand for they see courage, compassion and creativity, values needed for agility in a changing world.

What makes the difference? Connection, we work in person one to one in REAL time. There is complete trust and we can explore depths you never thought were within you.

My coaching is about you, not me, and it is only about YOU, my client.  I can reach you without exposing myself all over social media. Wherever YOU are sitting in Sydney, Jeddah, Zurich, Paris, London, New York or Cambridge it doesn’t matter if you want change but don’t know how to achieve it. Maybe not even knowing what needs to change. Or maybe you are looking to supercharge your next role, reach your fullest potential and be the best Leader you can. Your Coaching is about you.

Life has changed beyond recognition the great resignation that is forecast is real and happening, people’s ideals and expectations have shifted. My clients have taken new roles and they want to be the best leader they can, they want more from their home life and more clarity at work. Dissolving thoughts of imposter syndrome and creating resilience and confidence to lead new teams in challenging times. They are looking to reconnect.

Let’s be clear my story doesn’t matter, it is only my clients’ story that is important.

If you want to find out more get in touch .I have a few slots opening up this month let’s see if we are a good fit .

I coach Lawyers, Underwriters and Brokers in the Financial sector.