Career Coaching

When did you last check your career compass?

What does success look like to you?

Are you on track?

It is so easy to be pulled off your career path by promotion, marriage, parenting, or just life! How often do you check your compass, reassess your direction and make adjustments accordingly? Go back ten years. Where did you expect to be today? Where do you want to be in ten years time? When did you last sit down and consider your career?

Few people end up in the role they imagined they would be in, but do you ever sit down and consider your career path? Self reflection is hard to do alone.

So I am wondering, what does career progression look like from where you stand today?

What if I told you I have no expectations of you, and no bias? What if you could break the mould, and there was no judgement? Think for a minute…. there is no wrong and the sky is the limit. I mean it; anything goes. How does that feel? Our Coaching is a safe space for you to work on you.

We are stuck in our own narrative, with our own limitations, and stepping into bigger or different roles can feel impossible. We work on what you don’t say to others. We develop your most exciting possibilities. There is really no wrong here. We discover, develop and deliver the unknown you.

My mission is you that you lead as the best version of you.


What my clients say

“Louise with you beside me I feel I can achieve anything , Every week I say this is our best coaching session yet and it always gets better”

“I have been so bogged down in the detail, working with Louise has given me a whole new perspective to my life. I feel like I have me back.”

“Very quickly my anxiety about the job in front of me evaporated when I was able to see all the perspectives and I realised clearly how I can best get my teams to work to one end. You are good, very good.”