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The making of YOU

My specialty is supporting women in leadership roles. Helping you be the boss you would want to report to. Making sure the path you are on, is one you are always consciously choosing for yourself.


Even the most confident women doubt themselves.

We are all familiar with the statistics and we clearly all know how imbalanced the work place still is. Extraordinary that in 2019 there were more male CEOS called David (7) in fortune 500 companies than there were women CEOS (6).

I walked into Lloyds for the first time in 1987 and the same problems I was faced with then still exist. Progress however, is being made, but men are feeling off sided and companies seem to be jumping on the gender bandwagon in a knee jerk reaction that at best is badly managed and at worse making men feel marginalised. I regularly hear the excuse for missing a promotion; “well she was a woman and they are only promoting women at the moment”. So we need to get it right for the whole work force, and this involves recognising the different guises that bias takes and calling it out, challenging it and changing it with confidence.

I work with everyone to enhance equality in the work place and change the narrative. But I take huge enjoyment from supporting women in new leadership roles, busting through self limiting beliefs and forging ahead with confidence to lead.

Recognising our teams as people, valuing them and allowing everyone some movement in their strive for perfection,  helping all with their own reality and insecurities is the start of changing the teams balance. We work on creativity and confidence, as well as perspective and compassion keeping true to your values and corporate goals. 

Helping  everyone to understand the team as a system that has a common goal, and breaking through irrational insecurites borne from our limited perspectives makes a huge difference for every team member, strengthening a more diverse working team and enhancing loyalty in the work force. This is where change really happens. 


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