“It is rare that a woman in a senior role in insurance tells me they are thriving….my mission is to change this”

 My Story

In 2023 the City is still not a level playing field for women. It’s better than it was, but women have to fight to be heard…I can’t believe this was a title of a speech I gave in the 80’s and it is still the narrative today.

It’s better today than in 1987 when I started my career in the London insurance market as a Lloyd’s broker. I worked in some tough markets shuttling between London, New York, Bermuda, and Sydney speaking to clients and securing the capacity we couldn’t find in London.

I was rewarded in the early-1990s when I became one of the first female Directors of a Lloyd’s broking firm. It was an exciting time. The financial markets were booming, and my company was on the acquisition trail which gave me some invaluable exposure to different leadership styles and cultures.

At the turn of the Millenium I started a family and realised I couldn’t continue the career I so loved. After 20 years marriage and juggling work/life balance I was then faced with the earthquake that is divorce. Something I never thought would happen to me, and the most ground shaking experience of my life.

Once again I found myself navigating a situation that so many women face. 

I have always wanted to have a significant role back in the insurance market which I so loved, and now I realised there was an important  role for me coaching women in the market. This role has enabled me to help give women the courage to lead on their terms, stay in the business after child birth and gain significant promotions at every stage of their careers. So I retrained and became as highly qualified as possible.

As a Certified Professional Coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation today I devote my professional life to women who are standing where I once stood. Successful and ambitious, and looking for the tools to lead as themselves.