Have you considered how you take criticism? I am wondering do you question yourself? Or do you have a wise mentor who does that for you? Do you listen to what they say? Or do you ignore it?

I am guilty of selectively taking criticism when it suits me, are you? Do you accept criticism or do you push it away? Do you stop and let it land and ask yourself why you think as you do? Or does that make you feel uncomfortable ?

I asked a wise old sage about my writing (I love reading his words and experiencing his thought process) and he told me to reframe my words. “Don’t instruct in your writing , connect …”

It got me thinking, I write my own words as I think them. I aim to get people to think about the way they think, what they want, who they are and who they want to be… maybe my writing style doesn’t give the connection to my clients that I have in my work?

He suggested there could be subtle improvements I can make in my writing that is more inline with my intention for example: “connect to your full orchestra”… this is an instruction, it would be much better to say “Have you considered connecting to all elements of your orchestra?” That is much more in line with what I want to say…. Yes he is good isn’t he?

My wise old Sage is “repurposing his diversity stuff” as he puts it, so maybe there is progress from my work. But more importantly there is progress in how I think and for a minute maybe how he thinks?

My growth is about being open to question myself, and helping my clients do the same.

It has reminded me how I listen to everyone around me, not for the words but for the gaps between the words… listen with intuition, listen with intent, listen with compassion and kindness and connect to my clients pain, angst and challenges. This is where I make a difference.

But again too much about me, what about you? Who listens to YOU and what is your impact? Does your impact align with your intent, do you have clarity on what your intent is?

Is someone listening to you today? With the beautiful sun rise here in Suffolk and the sun streaming in through the windows I can’t help look for the growth and the optimism in today.

Have a great weekend .