Lets make parent leave gender neutral

The first step to an equitable workforce is gender neutral parent leave. What is your policy? Are you encouraging men to share parenting and life at home to balance your team?

Parent leave is no longer gender specific.

Today in 2024 if you are employed by Lloyds of London you have gender neutral parent leave choices.

Is your company offering your team members this? Or are you as a man, only getting two weeks parent leave? I can’t believe the number of men who have contacted me recently who want to take parent leave but are limited by their contract to two weeks, or they are limited by the culture of their team where the narrative is still “although you can take more, no one does”

So the government states you can share up to 50 weeks of leave and up to 37 weeks of pay between parents in the first year the child is born.

The amount depends on how much your partner is entitled to and takes. The paper work isn’t always straight forward but it is workable.
Govt policy is gender neutral although the Govt website still calls it maternity leave.

So, why do some companies still only allow a man two weeks parent leave? And why is any discussion to update this mocked ?

I know Marsh Mclennan are leading the way in gender neutral parent leave, are you as a broker or insurer doing so too?

Your company needs to be gender neutral in its approach to everything and that includes parent leave. Shared responsiblity in the home, including parenting is the only way we achieve equality in the work place.

It is not good enough to just update the policy if men taking parent leave is not encouraged. Men sharing parenting has to be normalised and applauded if we are going to reach an equitable work force.

Change happens when everyone collaborates for a common goal…make a start and check the policy, encourage and normalise men taking parent leave and lets get closer to the equality that is much needed in our industry.

Lloyds policy is market leading, as a player in this marketplace are you offering the same? Familiarise yourself here with the Lloyds parent policy which is gender neutral and accommodates both parents regardless of how you want to start a family.


Times are changing are you giving your team the choice they are entitled to?

Work life balance is individual, and the ket here is choice and respect for others decisions.

We need to think long term, and work together through important life stages, this will give new levels of loyalty long term team success… lets think beyond the next six months and create a happy, understanding loyal teams.