I walked into Lloyds of London for the first time in 1987 with a slip case and excitement for the start of what was promising to be a fascinating career. It has been, but it was clouded by the rampant discrimination that was prevalant in the 1980s and 90s. We have all heard the stories and I could write many books cataloging the woeful discrimination, harassment and bullying but that wouldn’t solve anything and it certainly won’t help. I am saddened that it is still an ongoing culture at Lloyds today, only this week a significant fine was levied on a syndicate by Lloyds for “discrimination, harassment and bullying”. 

Lets stop the blame culture and insecurity that fuels this and make a difference going forward. What are we learning and are we making good enough change? Is management paying lip service to the equality 25/25 agenda and at best badly executing marketing opportunities and at worse off-siding men? I hear so many times a mans excuse for not getting a promotion “they are only promoting women at the moment” Lets make proper change and make the Lloyds market an equal work place.

Coaching your team to meet bias head on is how we need to react in 2022. Gone are the days for tolerating this behaviour, and Lloyds quite rightly is making significant progress here. Are all the companies within the market really doing enough?

What you need to be thinking:

Awareness: Bias of all types needs to be discussed and called out, be present and be aware.
Alignment: The whole team needs to be on the same page from the top down, no one is exempt.
Action: What can be done without judgement to change the bias? Look with curiosity and include everyone.
Advocacy: Support throughout your organisation that change works, change policy and get every one onside.

My best summary is Challenge it, be Curious about it and Change it.
Remember we don’t always have to make it wrong, we now just have to make it right.

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