Executive Coaching

Can’t find the right piece?  Fed up of looking for it? What is it you are missing?

You will know when we find it!



As your Coach we will work together on what is important to you today , this will enable you to start to transform and take control of tomorrow.

I love to help ambitious women who are juggling work/life balance to enable them to reconnect with themselves and magnify their value in the board room or  where-ever they choose to be .

Showing up as the best version of yourself regardless of what emotional or personal challenges are in front of you does not happen by mistake. We work together to strengthen your confidence, hone your purpose and track measurable results.

My aim is to allow you to gain clarity , support you to make real transformation and  empower you to achieve whatever you want to.

What my clients say

“Louise with you beside me I feel I can achieve anything , Every week I say this is our best coaching session yet and it always gets better”

“I have been so bogged down in the detail, working with Louise has given me a whole new perspective to my life. I feel like I have me back.”

“Very quickly my anxiety about the job in front of me evaporated when I was able to see all the perspectives and I realised clearly how I can best get my teams to work to one end. You are good, very good.”