Everyone needs a coach to have a competitive edge and navigate change in 2023…make way for optimism, creativity and success this year.

We are in an era of choice and optimism if we choose to embrace it, enlisting the confidence of a good coach can make this a reality. Women in insurance are navigating a seismic change in the way Lloyds and also their clients operate, the dramatic and speedy move to hybrid working has rocked our core. The question on all our lips is how will Lloyds bounce back and how are we going to protect our market for future generations?

None of us know the future of the Room or the London market as a whole, I couldn’t believe how quiet it was between Christmas and New Year, traditionally the busiest few days in the London market.

Let’s talk about change

How are you navigating our new world? Or are you simply holding tight and being thrown around as the whirlwind of change ruptures our core, like hurricane Katrina wreaking havoc in 2005? Clients of mine seem to be available within their businesses 24/7 with their workloads and stress are off the scale, where is the balance? Do you feel you are not achieving good service unless you are available at all times?

In 2023 one thing is clear, you need to find a competitive edge to navigate change. Stress and overload is suppressing creativity and in order to be pro-active we need to actively and consciously make space to create new initiatives and growth. Any feeling of overwhelm and disconnection from your teams and clients created by our new way of working is the antithesis of this and has caused huge damage that everyone seems to be struggling to recover from. People have become more insecure and less team like. I hear time and time again “there are just not the hours in the day”.

What’s in it for you? Why Coaching?

There are so many reasons why people hire a coach, but what interests me most is the outcome. I never cease to be excited at the light bulb moments that facilitate change, impossible objectives are overcome with ease through the careful confidential coach/coachee relationship:

In simple words everyone needs a Coach, wherever you are in your career, but I find people only seek one when something in life becomes critical. In 2022 my clients came to me for the following reasons;

1. Suffering from overwhelm.

2. Feeling disconnected

3. Not feeling heard

4. Feeling behind where they felt they should be

5.Lacking confidence to Lead in a new role

6. Seeking clarity in Business strategy

7. Looking for change

8. Needing an unbiased insight into a problem.

Whatever the reason for finding coaching the reality once engaging a Coach is very different and what seemed like impossible challenges can become easily overcome with the fix far simpler than first imagined.

So why a Coach ?

Everyone around you has a bias, an agenda, or a viewpoint of what they expect from you. Your parents, colleagues, partner and family all know you as you are and expect you to behave a certain approach and behave accordingly. Your coach has no such limitations in fact will encourage and challenge you to think differently and to open up new possibilities. How liberating would it be to be able not conform with what is expected of you?

We create our own limitations…

Working with a coach will create a ‘can do’ approach to your situation. Things I frequently hear are “I am behind where I should be” and “I am running to stand still”, this is often an issue for women who have taken time off for maternity leave, but actually applies to all. We constantly make comparison with others as well as being very hard on ourselves, our own expectations as to where we think we should be, often forgetting the seismic changes that parenthood brings and life’s challenges. It is so easily forgotten that our own perception of how well we are doing and reality are often very different, what is your measure and how reliable is this?

So what can you expect from Coaching?

Imagine an open space where nothing is wrong and you can put all your thoughts, strategies and expectations in order and gain real clarity and vision for the future you want. Run your team and relationships proactively and with creativity, kindness and compassion? Where you are now, this may seem an impossibility, and optimism and clarity may seem a long way away. My promise to you is that the outcome will outweigh your expectation of the process.

In Summary

Whatever your reason for taking on a coach whether it is to refocus and advance your career, become more intentional, or be held accountable. Maybe you feel in a more critical state where you feel a sense of overwhelm , a lack of happiness or a disconnect that you can’t put your finger on, or someone in your team is struggling please seek out a good coach.

Whatever the reason you are seeking change in 2023 take action; New year new habits, your body gets a regular work out in the gym, give your mind the coaching you deserve and make some significant in roads into change for 2023. Find a Coach who understands you and your business, who you can relate to and feel you can rely on.

If you want to look into Coaching further let’s set up a 20 minute free call and see how we could work together.

Take advantage of my January offer of 6 Coaching sessions for the price of 5 when you sign up for face to face coaching in London I have opened up two new days every other week and they are filling fast. Email me and let’s discuss how coaching can help you.

Working Together in 2023