Yesterday I planted 250 small yew hedging plants for future generations and for us It is going to serve as a windbreak and backdrop . I did it with my children during breaks between clients and on line school .It was a joy to be working together in the sunshine, getting our hands dirty with a common goal under a little time pressure , knowing the beauty of the yew hedge we were creating for years to come .

It occurred to me that planting this hedge is so close to my intention for my life in the 20s….

Researching and finding reputable growers and sourcing good quality bare root plants , with firmly established roots, feeding and allowing them to grow and develop from small beginnings to mature majestic hedges which can then be tailored into the shapes we want .

This is so closely aligned with what I am achieving in my business and I am looking to help my clients with this decade .

My question this morning for you is;

Today is your impact aligned with your intent?

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