As a candidate look for your “Great” as a recruiter be kind and patient take time to embrace diversity in your teams…

It is all too easy to walk into interviews with preconceived ideas about who we want in a role. Open your mind and be generous with your approach . The best teams are filled with diverse members offering new and different perspectives . In a service industry this offers a greater connection with more clients, it also develops a broader more creative approach to solutions based businesses .

Some Tips…

As a candidate always look for your great! What sets you aside? How are you unique? Really engage with who you are, this is where confidence lives and this is where you find the job that gives you long term job satisfaction. Be you, that is what makes you great.

As a recruiter be kind and patient, allow all candidates to shine and see their potential in your business for tomorrow. See beyond dialects, colour and gender and challenge yourself when faced with your own bias…name it and discuss it and make adjustments accordingly .

We are all different, celebrate that and take time to discover why. This is where the creativity is and this is how you can develop strong and profitable businesses.