We need the best people in the role, regardless of gender or background.

Are you developing modern dynamics in your team?


Is your team balanced, diverse, loyal and ready for 2024?

There can be no more challenging time than now for our teams. We need more women in significant roles in the insurance sector but how do we do that without marginalising men? Parent leave needs to be mutually shared, as do home responsibilities, but how realistic is this in your team? Balance is about choice and respect of other peoples choices. We want the best people in our team regardless of gender and background.

Respect, collaboration, and kindness are all key.

The last five years have played with our emotions, developed our insecurities, distorted perspectives, and challenged our confidence. It has also brought about a very different workplace dynamic that everyone is adjusting to.

Company loyalty and team connections have been compromised and getting everyone back into the office for five days a week is proving challenging. Indeed there is a lot of debate within the World Economic Forum as to whether a four day week is our future. I know of one C Suite executive in insurance who is giving 30 minute lessons in Underwriting at 10.00 am on a Friday morning, unsurprisingly their office is well-populated on a Friday!

I am passionate about team coaching; creating dynamic, agile, and compassionate teams that work well together, boosting creativity, happiness, and loyalty. Let’s work together and get to the centre of your team dynamic, fully understand the chemistry, and appreciate the groups goals.  Let’s clearly define and understand everyones role in the team and work together and find where creativity, collaboration and success lies.

My mission is to have teams working well, where everyone feels supported, engaged, and loyal to the company. Where gender balance is the norm, and equal opportunity is expected for everyone.