You know you are not getting the most out of your team, but not sure how to change this?

Change starts on the inside from this place anything is possible .


Having worked in merging teams I have seen first hand the challenges, insecurities and behaviour of people being forced to work together. The damaging effects on the business as it takes second place to one-up-manship, hierarchy and backbiting is painful to see and hard to manage and destroys your margins.

I am passionate about team coaching creating dynamic, agile and compassionate teams that work well together, boosting creativity, happiness, retention of staff and profit .

Having confident connected teams where creativity is allowed to blossom, rigour is applauded and members feel supported is my goal for your team.  Yes it is achievable! We work so that you are confident to support but not interfere, challenge but not over step so that your team really gels and where anything is possible.


Look out for Team Retreats in Lavenham, Suffolk , or email for a tailor made package for you