Ever felt like you are bobbing in rough seas with no sight of the shore? Then maybe you need a Coach. There is huge misunderstanding as to what coaching will do to help you and it is different for everyone as Coaching is about YOU, and you are of course are unique.

Here is a little insight into how Coaching will offer you access to change, give you confidence, make you a more effective leader and allow you to concentrate on what is important. Coaching is a highly effective way for women in business to develop their skills, improve their performance, and achieve their goals. Let me summarise why coaching is beneficial for women in business in 2023:

1. Development of leadership skills: Coaching can help women in business develop their leadership skills needed to succeed, such as communication, decision-making, and problem-solving. But helping my clients lead with compassion, and transparency has significantly improved the outcomes of the relationships within their teams.
2. Career advancement: Coaching can help women identify and pursue career advancement opportunities, whether that means seeking a promotion, starting their own business, or transitioning to a new role. Empowering women to easily seek changes in their roles whether they be work based or even changing the dynamics of a social relationship makes immeasurable difference to their lives.
3. Overcoming challenges: Women in business often face unique challenges, we all have some form of imposter syndrome and are all aware of gender bias and discrimination. Coaching can provide support and guidance as we navigate these challenges and find strategies to deal with them. In 2022 70% of my clients had to deal with some form of discrimination, in all cases we found solutions that they didn’t feel would be possible when we started to work together.
4. Balancing work and personal life: many women struggle to find a balance between their professional and personal lives, in our 24/7 phone driven life it is so hard to find a balance. Most of us are unaware how out of sync we are to a healthy balanced life. Coaching can help develop time management and prioritisation skills to better manage time and energy.

Clients frequently say, “I couldn’t have achieved this without your help,” but exactly what does this mean? Finding the problem, seeing their blindspots, challenging their mindsets and holding them accountable allows change to be obvious and easy.

So in summary coaching gives the client clarity to change and the confidence to do so. Coaching will expose how you are best placed to make changes, where you may need help to succeed and what you need to do to overcome challenges to make 2023 success.