Can’t see the route forward but know it isn’t back to your pre-Covid life? What is your Roadmap out of Lockdown?

This week Boris Johnson announced his Governments roadmap back to our new normal. 18 million people in the UK have been given their first vaccination and schools and university’s in two weeks time will re-open their doors. This feels like optimism! As the news unfolded it was impossible not to feel the anticipation of renewal, and the excitement of Spring with it, the sense of new possibilities.

This time may have given you, like so many people, space to consider your life both at work and home, where you live and who you spend time with. Rediscovering the person you want to be. So many people have no interest in returning to their pre-Covid life but are not sure how to move into the change they seek.

Occasionally doors open and the light comes in. This week I woke up to a new possibility and realised how renewal after lockdown needed to look for me. I realised what I wanted my “new” to be. I will move decisively towards this. So much seems possible and exciting.

Have you given yourself time to consider if you want to return to the life you had before Lockdown?

Do you, like others, want to return to “normal” but need it to be very different?

Are you anxious about what change will mean?

If you can write the next chapter how does it start?

I can help you with your Roadmap so that you can intentionally move forward with confidence and purpose. Change your vista and move intentionally into You.

Louise Harrison ….I am a qualified Co-active Coach.