let me help you open the doors to possibility

After  2020/21 I feel it is safe to say none of us knows what is around the corner!  What is for sure is life is short and needs to be lived with intention and happiness.

In our turbulent world I can help you create the space to change your rhythm, priorities and habits. Offering you the insight to connect to yourself and to become more agile in your approach to every area of your life.

The more ambitious your goal, the more challenges in front of you. With me beside you, you will be able to achieve your full potential in all aspects of your life. I can help you find the courage to design your life the way you imagine it.

I offer several options of how you can work with me take a look and see what works for you .


I offer both virtual and in person one to one sessions to fit comfortably into your schedule.


Work with me to develop decisive leadership and collaborative teams

COACHING retreats

Time to yourself. Combine an intensive coaching experience with an elegant spa retreat in beautiful Lavenham.