Are you thriving in your role or do you feel you are always on the back foot?

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Are you thriving in your role or do you feel you are always on the back foot?


There is a reason why you are here. Maybe…


You are juggling parenthood and looking for the promotion you know you deserve, you knew it would be hard but nothing should be this difficult.

You don’t want to leave, but need to be valued differently and want to work in a team where support, understanding and loyalty are a priority.

You are in a new executive position and you want to feel confident, happy and respected in the role.

You are anxious that starting a family will pause your career you are worried about how others will see you.

It seems impossible!

Let me assure you  any of the above are within your reach and are 100% achievable for you.

I know because I have stood in your shoes.

You are a successful ambitious women in insurance, and my question to you is “who has got your back?”

I now devote my professional life to giving women in insurance the courage to lead.

Now what if you could…

Understand yourself and self advocate in a completely new and energised way?

Feel confident in your leadership style?

Gain loyalty, respect and confidence from your team?

Work as a team in the most productive way possible?


Reach your full potential as “you” without compromise.

How Success Will Feel


Thank you Louise for challenging me and pushing me to see things from different perspectives. I am more at ease being ME, being the authentic me in meeting rooms and the workplace.

Thank you for being a key person for me in this empowering and humbling experience.

 Shahd (Saudi Arabia)



Louise helped me to really know what I wanted, and how to achieve it. Above all, she gave me the courage I lacked, and showed me that I was capable of doing things I thought were impossible. I learnt through her to be honest with myself, to focus on my achievements and be proud of them, and to see change in a positive light. With her guidance, I have made major changes in my life, and I am so much happier, healthier and more fulfilled as a result.”

Isabel (Paris)


Louise is highly professional and focused, warm and empathetic; her approach and personality, enriched by having worked herself in the high pressure environment of the financial world, make her coaching highly effective. She has helped me immensely manage my transition from anxious wondering to constructive change.

Andrea Tiana CEO Padgas Ltd



No time like now


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